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Boerne, a brief history
A Brief History
Jefferson Morgenthaler

Nestled into the rolling terrain of the Texas Hill Country, Boerne is acclaimed for its beautiful setting, salubrious climate and strong values. Dating to 1852, the town boasts a German heritage that is evident in its community traditions and institutions.

Boerne has been home to intellectual socialists, German freethinkers, idealistic Unionists, polo-playing Englishmen and health-seeking consumptives.

Ancient trails, military roads, stage lines and railroads have traversed Boerne’s site on the banks of Cibolo Creek. Natives have raided, pioneers have struggled and entrepreneurs have labored mightily.

Today it is easy to think of Boerne as a quaint German town in the Hill Country, or as a lifestyle alternative for San Antonio commuters. But it is more. This is its story.