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50 Years in Texas
The Birth of the Republic
John J. Linn

Read the words of the people who were there. Read the first-hand stories of Goliad, the Alamo, San Jacinto and more. Read the letters, articles and reports that brought the first news from the Republic of Texas. Read all of it, intertwined with the reminiscences of John Linn—industrious merchant, alcalde of Victoria, quartermaster to the Texas revolutionary army and vigorous participant in the creation of the new Republic.

Linn had a viewpoint, and he doesn’t hesitate to make it known. His praise of Sam Houston is remarkable for its exuberance. Though he explicitly denies the title of historian, he does not hesitate to criticize historians who he feels got it wrong. Linn’s personality pours through his words, making for a rollicking good read.

There is an authenticity to Linn’s narrative that cannot be found in tightly groomed re-tellings written in the 20th and 21st centuries. Linn was there. He lived it. He felt it. This is the sort of book that leaves a lasting impression.